Vinyl Application

When you order decals from Pixie at Home they come with 3 different layers

1. The top layer is called transfer tape. It looks like clear tape. This is used to apply and protect the decal. 
2. The middle layer is the actual decal . This will come up with your transfer tape when you are ready to apply.
3. The bottom layer is the backing paper which is either blue or white. 

To apply your decals please follow the instructions below:

1. Clean the surface with a rubbing alcohol. Make sure it is free from dust and dirt.
2. Remove the backing paper vinyl leaving the decal attached to the transfer tape
3. Once backing paper vinyl is removed, place your design on your desired surface. Press down firmly with a credit card over the entire label/ decal to adhere it to the surface.
4. Carefully peel away the transparent transfer tape at an angle starting at the top corner. If the decal starts to remove it self with the transfer sheet, lay it back down and press on the area again with a credit card.

Note - be patient and go slowly. Rushing can damage the decal.
If you require further details there are many videos on YouTube that can help 😊